Environmental Services

Radon Testing

At Inspections Unlimited Inc we offer testing for radon gases at the time of your home inspection or as a separate test. Because we use the “e-perm” system of radon detection by Rad Elect, Inc. for all of our testing, we can provide you with the results of the test by the next business day. All tests must be for a minimum of 48 hours under closed house condition. At Inspections Unlimited Inc we have two Pennsylvania DEP Radon Testers, Fred Klein #1548 and Neil Klein # 2708. Both are certified to perform testing using Short Term “e-perms”. This method is considered by many as one of the most efficient means of short term testing.

The “e-perm” system has continuously ranked among the highest for stability and precision when compared to other methods of testing. We do not perform any mitigation, to reduce high levels of radon. But we will be glad to assist you by providing unbiased information on any questions pertaining to reducing high levels of radon.

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Although at Inspections Unlimited Inc we chose not to test or offer testing by other companies for mold, we will as a part of our standard inspection look for possible areas of concern. This includes:

  • areas of past or current water infiltration
  • plumbing leaks, high humidity
  • areas of poor ventilation such as attics, crawlspaces, basements and improperly vented laundry areas

Testing for and/or the removal of mold in some cases can be costly and complex, starting at a several hundred dollars and ranging into the thousands of dollars for testing.

Water Potability & Well Testing 

We offer complete testing of your well or public water supply. We can test for basic contaminants as required by most mortgage companies or FHA, to a comprehensive scan for your own information. In addition to testing the potability of the water, we can test the function of the well to determine if there is adequate water to meet your daily needs.

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Wood Destroying Insects

As a service to you our client, our office will schedule your WDI test to be conducted at the same time as our inspection. This will be performed by a state certified company.